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Currently I am less involved in music, however below and on other pages you can read more about some past endeavors...



about Mr. Phoenix Wisebone

My CD's have received radio airplay in Vancouver BC and Sackville poetry has been enjoyed in Montreal and San cartoon drawings (yes, I said cartoons) chuckled at in Toronto and Seattle

My past 7 years have included: more recording and the release of my indie CD Scenes from a Bus; an acting appearance as an extra on an episode of The L Word; a  self-published cartoon chapbook Lonely in Lesbos; 3 surgeries for malignant meningioma; ...and the dropping of my voice! 

On the songs "The Mistake" and "Howl of the Wind", listen for my "new" male voice doing a faint overdub to my  "pre-testosterone enhanced" voice.

The songs sampled on this website come from my second CD release, Scenes from a Bus, recorded in Vancouver 2002 (Aero Sound) and 2003 (thanks Shawn Lester and also OrShalom) with dubbing recorded in 2009 (BarrellHouse Sound).

Visit myself and other fine Canadian musicians at:



"nice guitar work...nice voice...fascinating stuff" - Wax Poetic,  Co-Op Radio Vancouver


"Inspirational...healing "   - Skye Powers, Fruit Salad, CFRO Radio


"Packs an emotional one-two" - Cindy Philipenko, Herizons Magazine




"Can make your soul shiver with a single guitar stroke" - Kyle Hawke, SelfexPress


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