Phoenix Wisebone

The Mistake                                                       

© 2002 Phoenix Wisebone (SOCAN)

i work hard ev'ry day - I get home around 8 - try to tell my children how they should behave

i put food on the table and clothes on their backs - got them a good education

That' s no easy task.


There's this rumour goin' 'round about my daughter an'  me - how I pulled her pants down when she was three

I can't say I remember, if I did I forget.

Haven't heard a whole lot from her since the day she left.


And somethin's not quite right

Not right.


I work hard ever'y day I get home when I can - try to do my best to be what I think is a good man

i put food on the table and clothes on my kids - I don't remember all the things my daughter says I did...


Yeah there's this rumour goin' 'round - I don't know if you heard -

Anything my daughter says about me shouldn't be your concern

'cuz i put food on the table and do what I can

 All of a sudden one day

                                              she just up and ran.