Phoenix Wisebone

Take Each Day                                           

© 1999 Phoenix Wisebone (SOCAN)                                               

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Something's gone - don't know where - something's wrong but I don't care 'cuz

Something's here- can't be seen - tell me please - what does it mean?


Something's gone...'cuz - something's here yes, i can feel

Tell me please that you're real.


And we'll...


Take Each Day as it comes

put one foot in front of the other one



Take my hands from my eyes - find what's true beneath the lies and

Wipe the tears from my face

Take us to a higher place...


Where we'll...



I don't know but I can sense the dropping of my last defense so

Take my heart and take my soul

Make me yours and take me home


And we'll...


...infront ot the other one in front of the other one.....