Phoenix Wisebone

Scenes from a Bus  copyright 2001 Phoenix Wisebone (SOCAN)

Hear the chug and the hiss of the streetcar stopping

                                    The empty faces turned out to the passing day

        We all look like we don't quite know where we're going

                                                                          But we're together on our separate ways.

Now, the drugs and the cops are the passing traffic

One rider doesn't seem to even have a dime

Sometimes you'll hear the driver give'em the business

A free ride or "don't waste my time!" 


And now we roll on into the business sector -

The suits and cellphones stand there waiting in a row

They all say they'd love to spend more time with their children

But they're far too busy makin' dough

And I finally find a seat in the back and I take it / Watch the graffiti painted on a passing wall

With my heart and my eyes and my chin up / I try to make sense of it all

(Hear the chug...)

And when I reach my stop there's a waiting child and mother - no common language so we share a smile and nod - and two dreadlocked friends in an ancient quarrel over the meaning and the truth of G*d.


Hear the chug and the hiss of the streetcar stopping....