Phoenix Wisebone

Looking Well

© 2003 Phoenix Wisebone (SOCAN)

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I don't carry a briefcase - i swing my empty arms

i don't carry an attache - my head's up in the clouds


I don't wear a beeper - I keep loose track of time

Some say that I'm their teacher - wish that they were so inclined

The busybodies huddle and talk about me

And throw some admiration - but don't have time for tea...

Did I hear them say I'm "free"?


I don't have a lover though I've turned some heads

I don't have any children and i don't have (m)any debts 

The suits and ties ignore me as  they rush from  9 - 5 

and  they watch me from the busstop with envy in their eyes

I see the weary workers toiling away - praying for tomorrow to take them through today

I bump into an acquaintance in this

version of hell at the pillars of monotany -

She says to me "my, you're looking well!"


I don't have a briefcase - I swing my arms

I don't have an attache - my head's up in the stars,  as I

pass the rising concrete reaching up high I

see the weary workers

And I go walking by

       On by.............